Golden road pub oc presents: almost 4th of july

Join us at Golden Road Pub OC for an epic event. We will have live bands, a slow bike race, beer and food specials and more!


Whiskey Sunday

Joshua & the Holy Rollers

Manda Mosher

Parc Crecelius

When: Saturday June 29th

from: ALL DAY

Cost: FREE

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The Pub at Golden Road Presents: 2nd Annual Beer Can Pinewood Derby

Get ready race fans! The Golden Road Beer Can (Pinewood) Derby makes its triumphant return July 7, bringing back all the heart stopping action that races between pieces of wood with wheels can deliver.

The details:
Starter kits can be pick up from the Pub beginning May 23. If you are supplying your own kit, come by to pick up your empty beer can.

Each starter kit includes everything you’ll need to create your car: wheels, framing, axles and an empty Golden Road can. You can add additional design and weight elements to your kit, but you must use the provided wheels, framing and axles, and you must incorporate at least one Golden Road beer can into the design.

All race cars are gravity racers and can have no additional propulsion of any kind. (This includes but is not limited to: fans, compressed gas, electric motors, explosives, and flux capacitors.) Decor and other elements that make your car unique and especially fantastic, however, are highly encouraged. Just make sure that your car doesn’t exceed these parameters:

Max. Width: 3.75″
Max. Height: 8″
Max. Length: 10″
Max. Weight: 12 oz.


First Place: Beer for a Year, Merch Gift Bag, $100 Pub Gift Card, $100 to the charity of your choosing, trophy as proof, ultimate supreme eternal glory

Second Place: Beer for a Year, Golden Road Hat, $50 Pub Gift Card, $100 to the charity of your choosing, trophy as proof, slightly less eternal glory

Third Place: Golden Road Hat, $25 Pub Gift Card, trophy as proof, even less eternal glory

Fourth Place: Golden Road Hat, trophy as proof, minimal traces of eternal glory

Fan Favorite (as voted by your peers): Golden Road Longboard, different trophy as proof, equal to 2nd place amount of glory

Schedule of Events:

9am-11am Check In and Weigh In

12pm National Anthem and Race Kick Off

Roughly 2pm Award Ceremony

All race entries must be purchased online. Race kits can be picked up beginning May 23 at The Pub at Golden Road (5410 W San Fernando Rd). Save your receipt and show it at the time of pickup to receive your kit.

Golden Road Brewing is committed to responsible drinking.

Please verify your age: