All of us here at Golden Road are proud to be supporting local nonprofit organizations and do our best to accommodate. For legal purposes, there are a few guidelines that must be met in order to donate.


Beer Donations:

  • The event must be closed to the public and a guest list needs to instituted 
  • A one-day ABC liquor license must be obtained under the name of the nonprofit organization if you are charging money for alcohol, or selling tickets to the event or is in a public space.
  • Donated beer cannot be served in a licensed bar or restaurant without temporary suspension of license in the area of the event- for the duration of the event
  • Beer donations must be picked up at the Brewery warehouse, located here in Los Angeles, CA.

All Requests:

  • Please submit your request a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your event.
  • The non profit must have 501(c)3 current status.
  • Applicant must be a representative of the nonprofit organization.
  • We legally cannot donate clothing or swag- we are currently only donating beer for fundraising (auction beer is available) and Dine to Donate opportunities at our Pub at Golden Road.
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Golden Road Brewing is committed to responsible drinking.

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