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Summertime All the Time | 329 Lager Sweepstakes

We want to be part of your 329 Days of Sun here in southern California, which is why our team has devised a special sweepstakes to offer you a chance to win one of three fabulous prize packages! Enjoy summertime all the time, with these rare items specially created for the newest member of our year-round family, #329lager. 

Golden Road has teamed up with some great California-based vendors to bring you quality goods from hi-fi stereo systems to custom bikes to ride down at the beach all summer long. Three lucky winners will be chosen for these packages designed to fit the fun-loving, outdoorsy culture that embodies our quintessential California summer (and fall...spring...and even winter).

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 The Prizes

1) SONOS HiFi BBQ Package: Host the best parties this summer with this deluxe entertainment package featuring a Sonos sound system (Sonos Play:5 Wireless Speaker, Sonos Play:3 Wireless Speaker, Sonos Bridge), a Meco Americana Charcoal Grill, 329 Lager Flip-flops, 329 Lager beach ball, and a $50 gift certificate to The Pub at Golden Road. 

2) SICKY Eyewear Beach Package: Chill at the beach in style all weekend long with SICKY Eyewear S1 sunglasses, a SICKY Eyewear 5-panel hat, 329 Lager Custom 9' Longboard Surfboard, 329 Flip-Flops, 329 beach ball, and a $50 gift certificate to The Pub at Golden Road

3) SOLÉ Bicycles Wheels Package: This package channels the spirit of our go anywhere, do anything 329 Lager with a custom 329 Lager SOLÉ Bicycles Fixed-Gear/One-Speed bike, a 329 Lager custom longboard skateboard, SICKY Eyewear S1 sunglasses, 329 Lager flip-flops, 329 Lager beach ball, and a $50 gift certificate to The Pub at Golden Road

The Rules: 

  • Contest begins on May 15, 2014 and concludes on August 1, 2014. 
  • Must be 21 years of age or older and a resident of California to enter. No purchase necessary. One entry per person. 
  • Winners will be announced on August 15, 2014.
  • Read full "Official Rules" at bottom of entry form [HERE].


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