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Support Small Local Businesses at Aunt Sally's Marketplace on 11/29

Support Small Local Businesses at Aunt Sally's Marketplace on 11/29

Join us for our first-ever Aunt Sally's Marketplace! We are happy to host a great selection of local small businesses at The Pub at Golden Road on Saturday, November 29th from noon-4pm! Meet us on the side lawn in front of Aunt Sally's and enjoy a stress-free holiday shopping season away from those treacherous big box stores. Our goal is to offer you a unique selection of goods and services made in LA...without the stampedes and crazy crowds! 

Week 04: Ninety-Nine Problems But a Beer Ain't One


Week 04: Ninety-Nine Problems But a Beer Ain't One

Getting Started: Where to buy equipment and gear

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Calen asks: I’m trying to get started in homebrewing, but I don’t know where to shop for equipment and!
— This week we're answering a question sent in by Calen G., from Burbank, Ca...

Our first tip for the aspiring homebrewer is to find a supply shop near you. After you’ve read a little more about getting started (ie: read the Palmer book), take some time to visit your local shop and explore the different methods and gear you are interested in. Homebrewing is an investment, but with good research, you can easily find ways to cut costs by finding great deals in shop and online -- or even building things out yourself. 

For the Los Angeles area, here are a few homebrew supply shops we recommend.

  • The Home Wine, Beer, and Cheesemaking Shop in Woodland Hills is a local favorite and is the meeting grounds of The Maltose Falcons -- America’s oldest home brew club!
  • Eagle Rock Home Brewing Supply is the closest shop to our brewery herein Atwater Village. Located just a few miles away, Eagle Rock is also owned by the folks over at Culver City Home Brewing Supply for those in need on the west side of Los Angeles.
  • South Bay Brewing Supply in Torrance has our friends in the South Bay covered. While only a handful of years old, this shop’s very popular and is just minutes away from the area’s best breweries.

Other resources:

  • MoreBeer is a great online store that also happens to have a showroom/shop in Riverside, CA. Keep an eye on their annual sales for great deals on equipment.
  • Northern Brewer is an industry standard has a wide variety of gear, cleaners, and brewing ingredients.

Our tips?

There are always people trying to get rid of things on Craigslist. Often people who have either given up on the hobby or decided to upgrade their brewing systems. Additionally, we’re big fans of Homebrew Finds -- follow them on Facebook and Twitter to take advantage of some great deals.

Did we leave out your favorite Los Angeles-area shop? Leave us a note in our comments section!  Got a question you'd like answered? Have any pro-tips you live by? Feel free to share them in the comments section of e-mail! 


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