A resolution worth keeping: Read More! 


Today on the morning news, we heard someone talk about how a majority of people who make New Year's resolutions abandon their goals within the first five days of the year. Seeing as it's January 5th, we figured we'd let you in on what one of our goals are for 2015: to read more. *note: It looks like our friends at BuzzFeed are on the same page. (No pun intended). 

In a constant quest to further our knowledge of beer and brewing, we've come across many books that have helped shape our skills and greater understanding of all things beer. Here are a few of our essential reads for those of you who are also trying to read (or learn) something new this year. Stay tuned for Pt. II which will have even more great beer books, cookbooks, and more. 

  • How to Brew - John Palmer: We can't tell you this piece of advice enough: Read the f*cking Palmer! That seemed to be the universal piece of advice I received when I embarked on my journey to learn how to brew. Palmer lays out the fundamentals of brewing science in a simple, easy-to-read way that is useful and approachable to the beginning brewer.
  • The Complete Joy of Homebrewing - Charlie Papazian: Yet another must-read for the aspiring brewer, this complete guide from Brewers Association President Charlie Papazian demystifies the brewing process and offers many easy-to-follow beginner recipes. Also the Founder of the American Homebrewers Association, Papazian has been an incredible advocate and resource for the beer community for nearly four decades. 
  • The Oxford Companion to Beer - Garrett Oliver: This book is practically an all-encompassing encyclopedia. History, recipe development, photos, how to taste... the list goes on! Garrett Oliver did a remarkable job compiling his expertise in beer from brewing to drinking it. 
  • Tasting Beer - Randy Mosher: This book dives into the tasting process and is a great resource to those looking to learn more about the flavors found in beer. Lessons in sensory analysis show you how to articulate your evaluations based on factors like scent, color, flavors, and mouthfeel. A great guide for a beginner looking to gain a more well-rounded perspective on beer; from proper storage to simple food pairings. 
  • For the Love of Hops - Stan HieronymousWe highly recommend investing in the Brewing Elements series published by Brewers Publications. Hieronymous lays out a foundation of base hop knowledge; from origins and proper applications to flavor profiles and tips on dry-hopping. 

Have a book you think we need to read? Leave us a comment and tell us what your favorite beer books are! 

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