Guest blog from Carrie Cohen of The Pudding Truck shares 3 useful cooking tips! 


By Carrie Cohen 

Hey Guys! I’m Carrie, the owner of The Pudding Truck, LA’s first food truck to serve gourmet pudding and toppings. I’m so excited to be bringing the truck back to The Pub at Golden Road to celebrate our 1st birthday! Whenever the truck makes an appearance at the pub I like to create a pudding using one of the beers on tap, so I figured I’d take the opportunity to share my top 3 tips for cooking with beer. 

1. Don’t Cook With a Beer You Wouldn’t Drink: 
Just like with wine, you shouldn’t cook with a brew that doesn’t taste good on its own. Since cooking alcohol concentrates and enhances the flavors already present, you don’t want to bring out qualities that you don’t dig in the first place.

2. When You Add It Matters: 
Cooking beer magnifies certain flavors, but it can also diminish some of the more delicate ones. So for example, if you’re using something dark like a stout or porter you might want to amplify those deep roasty notes by boiling off some of the liquid, but if you want to preserve the acerbic flavor of an IPA without letting your recipe get too bitter, consider just adding a splash at the end. 

3. Utilize What You’ve Already Got: 
When it comes to creating a flavor around a beer, I always start with the beer itself. Take a sip and see what you taste or talk to the bartender filling your growler for some ideas. I often start with the obvious: Is the beer nutty and toasty? Does it remind me of coffee? Is it brewed with citrus? Maybe I should amplify that thing I’m picking up on. No matter in which direction you decide to go, keep experimenting!


The Pudding Truck celebrates their 1st birthday with us at The Pub at Golden Road on Jan. 31! Join us from 7pm-11pm! Follow them at @thepuddingtruck and stay updated on Pub events at @goldenroadpubLA


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