Announcing...Golden Road Aquatics! 


It's a Thursday morning, and I hadn't gotten a swim in this particular week yet. I could tell by my mood. I hit send on the first draft of Golden Road's Annual Report to our CFO, Paul, to review before it gets sent to Tony. I was supposed to have gotten it in the night before. It was 10:12am and I was exhausted. Checked into emails and found a group one from "Lucky" Mike. He said "who can swim - I'm jumping in Rose Bowl at 10:30 for a workout." 

I knew it was only an hour before I had to head downtown for an interview in a fancy dress, but I flew out of the brewery and jumped into the Rose Bowl long course pool by 10:33

At 11:12, Mike said "2 more 100s, last ones, fast ones, GO!"  In that moment, I thought "How cool...I have this intense meeting in 45 minutes and here I am with my head down getting told to swim fast by this guy who doesn't know and doesn't care what else I have going on."

The very act of swimming brings me reflection, humility, familiarity, lots of serotonin, and happiness just to be in the present. 

11:20: I shower but only had time for one step, so I chose conditioner (gotta tame my wave). Threw dress and heels on. 

11:45: Hair drying by hanging my head out the window en route to meeting. 

11:55: (Somehow) arrive on time at the California Club to be in a room with 40 people all 20-50 years my senior. A huge smile on my face and ready to answer anything with confidence and clarity.

During the meeting, I get a text from Mike. "Burbank is ready to let us rent their pool at Verdugo. Are you and Dawn in?"  Yeah, I say, I've got a good name for it!  

And that's the founding story behind Golden Road Aquatics. 

Starting March 2015, a casual group of Swim for Lifers around LA will come together to swim, enjoy, and give back to the spirit of a sport that has brought me so much opportunity and fulfillment. Even if its just a 20 minute power swim over lunch or the weekend, making time for yourself and re-centering is one of the greatest things you can do for you and for those around you. Stay tuned for further details!

Thank you so much to Head Coach & Founder Mike Lucero for bringing us all together for some truly golden moments -- and to my great friend and partner-in-crime Dawn Heckman of Splish Inc.


Golden Road Brewing is committed to responsible drinking.

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