Golden Road Brewing and I are committed to Los Angeles and to the people who make L.A. the city it is. We built our brewery to be a part of this community and will continue to live by that ethos.

First and most importantly - I am a firm believer in fair and living wages and I agree that increasing minimum wage soon is absolutely necessary. 

Golden Road does and always will pay responsible wages. No untipped employee here makes minimum wage, we give all staff paid time off, we offer the opportunity to advance to every employee in every department, and employees enjoy complimentary meals and beer (hey, we’re in the beer business here) on a daily basis.  We care deeply about each of our coworkers, and we always do our best for them.  People really like working here and I’m super proud of that.

There has been considerable rumble about L.A.’s proposed wage hike and my perspective about it. I’m writing this letter to share my words directly and unfiltered from me.  It is my passion and love for Los Angeles that led me to voice my opinions about the proposed minimum wage increase. I am personally crushed that the way I spoke did not properly convey my thoughts or the actions our company has always employed.  

Here is where my concerns lie - As it stands now, the proposed minimum wage hike would be applicable only to the city of Los Angeles – not Los Angeles County or the state of California but just our city. Like many, I believe it is critical to make this change on a county, state or federal level. Doing it in a city like ours presents real challenges that need to be considered; most notably, our seamless borders with 36 individual municipalities.

I recognize that minimum wage has not adjusted for inflation in generations and that many workers are not being paid adequate wages. I commend Mayor Eric Garcetti’s efforts to improve the living standard across Los Angeles and hope his peers in neighboring cities will quickly follow suit.

To be clear, we are not moving our brewery, restaurants or any jobs out of LA.  We never even considered it and it was never even discussed - EVER.  In fact, we recently renewed our brewery and restaurant leases and one of the two new projects that we’ve been working on for months is also in the city of Los Angeles. 

We will continue to create jobs in and around Los Angeles.  I’m not a politician or an economist so at this point I’m excusing myself from the conversation and leaving it to the pros.

Here’s to L.A.


Golden Road Brewing is committed to responsible drinking.

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