quality in the field

As ambassadors of the company, you are the likely the first people that will hear issues about our beers from customers and wholesalers alike. This website is meant to be a tool to help you know the answer to all quality related questions that may come up. Even if the answer is, "Let me ask the Quality Manager."

If this page doesn't have the answer you are looking for please feel free to contact the Quality Manager at any time.


Retail/wholesaler complaints

Whenever you hear about complaints in the market, in either retail or wholesale accounts, this is where you can direct those complaints. Sending all concerns to the same location allows us to identify trending quality issues. 


Customer complaints

While you may not hear about these issues often, we want you to know where to direct these complaints. Similar to wholesale and retail complaints these are reported to all of Supply weekly. 

Customers can either call us at 1-844-4-LA-BEER, email us at beer@goldenroad.la, or follow the link below to fill out a webform.


freshness codes

Freshness is incredibly important to our brand identity and customer satisfaction. As we develop new brands and learn more about them we can adjust freshness codes accordingly. This is the most updated list we have of all brands and brand categories.



We are constantly brewing new and fascinating beers. For the most up to date list of all beers brewed in LA and Anaheim follow the link below! 

Golden Road Brewing is committed to responsible drinking.

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